Catholic Education - Diocese of Parramatta

Teacher Application Process

Nov 27, 2015 - 10:08AM

To be employed as a teacher in CEO Parramatta schools, all applicants must first obtain classification and accreditation through the Teacher Application process on-line. This process includes the submission of relevant documents to the CEO for verification.

If you are seeking employment as a teacher in NSW for the first time since October 2004, or you are wishing to return to teaching after a break of 5 years or more, you will be considered a New Scheme Teacher under the NSW Institute of Teachers Act 2004. If this applies to you, there is a need to register with the Institute of Teachers as part of the CEO's Teacher Application process and meet the accreditation requirements, including the payment of an annual fee. The Working with Children Check will apply for all teacher applicants new to CEO Parramatta and this involves a screening check of relevant matters on an applicant's criminal record. Details and relevant forms are included in the Teacher Application process.

When the application process is complete the teacher will be issued with a letter indicating his/her appropriate classification (based on qualifications and relevant experience) and screening clearance. A certified copy of this letter will be required by Principals when teachers are applying for positions within CEO Parramatta Schools.

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